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Hoof Health and Soundness in the Horse: Personal Observations

“No Foot, No Horse”.  This is a common saying throughout the years that has stood the test of time and has remained truthful in many regards.  The fact is that the horse is highly dependent upon their feet and thus, the external hoof capsule, for overall soundness and quality of life.  The concept of hoof…

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Equine Arthritis and Bone Deterioration; Is It Reversible?

Equine arthritis and bone degenerative changes are all too common in the horse industry.  These changes can impact any joint, but commonly found in the fetlock, carpus or knee, hock or tarsus, stifle, hip and back region.  The navicular bone and coffin bone are also commonly impacted and associated with navicular disease and pedal osteitis. …

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PSSM in Horses; Thoughts and Considerations on Therapy Options

Polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM) is an increasing diagnosis in the equine community and is linked back to a group of conditions, referred to as ‘myopathies’.  The problem of PSSM is becoming more commonplace, leaving many owners unsure as to what the condition is or how to best manage it. Like many other conditions, PSSM is…

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