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How Important is Gut Health in My Horse?

Wow!  That is a very important question!  How important is your horse’s gut health?  What do you believe as a horse owner?  For some owners and horses, the connection is real, such as in the case of ulcers, recurrent colic, or irritable bowel type of conditions, but for others, it may not be so obvious. …

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Insulin and Leptin Resistance in the Horse

Insulin and in more recent years, leptin, have gained much attention among horse owners for a variety of reasons.  In most cases, the two hormones are often associated with metabolic syndrome in the horse and the increased risk of laminitis.  Despite the increased attention to both insulin and leptin, many horse owners are often at…

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Laminitis in the Horse; Causes and Considerations

Laminitis is a common lameness and health condition impacting a large percentage of horses from many disciplines.  It is a condition which most horse owners and veterinarians fear and even despise, mainly due to the ongoing level of care that is required and additionally, the poor prognosis.  Laminitis in the horse is a complex condition…

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The Seven Steps In Managing Laminitis


Laminitis is a devastating condition in the equine industry, impacting every breed and gender.  No one horse is immune to the condition, but it appears that certain groups of horses are more prone to others.  The causes of laminitis can be many and often, the underlying cause can dictate success or failure.  If we take certain steps to address the problem on a broader level, then often the condition can be more readily managed for the long term.

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Manipulation of Equine Intestinal Microflora; Modifying a Source of Inflammation to Enhance Clinical Results

Gastrointestinal health and microbial balance has been connected with a host of clinical health problems in both humans and animals, including the horse.  The normal gastrointestinal flora is involved in stimulation of the immune system, synthesis of vitamins (B and K), enhancement of GI motility and function, digestion and nutrient absorption, inhibition of pathogens, metabolism of plant and drug compounds and synthesis of short chain fatty acids.1,9,11  

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