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How Important is Gut Health in My Horse?

Wow!  That is a very important question!  How important is your horse’s gut health?  What do you believe as a horse owner?  For some owners and horses, the connection is real, such as in the case of ulcers, recurrent colic, or irritable bowel type of conditions, but for others, it may not be so obvious. …

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Equine Digestion, Gut Health, and Impact on Disease

Digestion.  It is a simple, yet, very complex process in the horse that is often overlooked by owners and veterinarians.  We often see it as just being a matter of putting food into the mouth, then the stomach, and all will be well in the end.  Although that concept is rather simple, the process is…

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A New Look At Gut Health in Horses

If you own a horse, especially one that is competing, I don’t have to tell you that there are ‘gut’ problems in the industry.  It seems as if almost every horse is on an ulcer medication in some shape or form.  Gastrogard® and Ulcergard® tubes seem to be almost a staple in every tack box.  We have a problem, but are we addressing it correctly?  What are the causes of the GI distress and is there something more we can do to assist our equine companions to adjust?  Or are we destined to just continue the expensive dance of anti-ulcer medications? Let’s take a different look at the problem and see if we can produce some answers.

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