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Vitamin C; The Answer to Cancer in Dogs?

Vitamin C is a well known nutrient, being found in many fruits, vegetables and from synthetic sources. This nutrient is a potent antioxidant and vital for many cellular functions, including tissue repair and immune health.  Many dog owners likely don’t give vitamin C a second thought, regarding their dog’s health, cancer, or even recovery from…

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Cancer Development in the Dog

Cancer.  It isn’t just a disease that affects people, but the incidence of cases in the dog are increasing exponentially over the past few years.  Just like in people, a cancer diagnosis in the dog can create a significant amount of stress not just to the owner, but also the veterinarian.  The reason being is…

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What Do I Feed My Dog?

Your dog is dependent on you to feed them correctly, but there are many choices out there and no dog is the same inside or out.  A dog can be viewed as a beloved family companion, can be a working animal, or could be an outdoor pet.  Despite the different levels, each dog has their…

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Management Options for Ear Infections in Dogs

Ear infections are a common problem in the dog, but can vary in severity and rate of occurrence dependent on the breed.  In many cases, it seems like the condition appears 2-3 times per year, if not more often.  The more often the ear infection condition arises in your dog, not only does this signal…

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Recurrent Ear Infections in the Dog and Causes

If you own a dog, chances are in their lifetime you will contend with at least one ear infection.  For some, that one infection may happen in the lifetime of their pet, or it could occur more often, potentially every month or two.  Ear infections happen, as they are a part of life for some…

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