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Recurrent Ear Infections in the Dog and Causes

If you own a dog, chances are in their lifetime you will contend with at least one ear infection.  For some, that one infection may happen in the lifetime of their pet, or it could occur more often, potentially every month or two.  Ear infections happen, as they are a part of life for some…

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Stabilization of Nasopharyngeal Cicatrix Syndrome in the Horse

Nasopharyngeal cicatrix syndrome (NCS) is becoming a more common diagnosis impacting the upper airway and respiratory patterns in many horses.  The condition has been around for quite some time, but is becoming more recognized as a possible cause of respiratory difficulty in certain horses.  The exact cause is unknown and treatment options commonly utilized target…

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Chronic Equine Cellulitis; Management and Recovery

Leg swelling in the horse is a common finding, especially in the equine athlete.  The most common problem associated with swollen legs is poor circulation, which can be attributed to many underlying problems.  In most cases, we refer to this problem as ‘stocking up”, which is most often seen in the mornings after a horse has been stalled at nite.  Usually, this stocking up resolves with increased movement, which signifies circulatory problems, but in other cases, it can be more stubborn, persisting for longer periods of time.

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