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Equine Consultations and Services

Does your horse have a chronic or ongoing health or lameness concern which is non-responsive to traditional therapies or recurring with a failure to heal completely?

Our focus is on the problem horse with a chronic health or lameness condition which is failing to respond to traditional therapy approaches. 

Dr. Schell is highly experienced in a wide range of equine conditions including:

  • Joint Lameness/arthritis
  • Soft tissue/tendon injuries
  • Laminitis
  • Hoof conditions/bare-foot approaches
  • Metabolic Conditions
  • Digestive Health
  • Allergies
  • Eye conditions and Uveitis
  • COPD
  • Gastric Ulcers/ Anxiety
  • Poor performance
  • Dietary and Nutritional Support
  • Cancer Support
  • Immune Dysfunction

Dr. Schell can help you to better understand your horse's current condition and getting them on the road to recovery and better performance. He will review prior radiographs, ultrasound images, laboratory testing and video or photo analysis, in combination with an assessment of current diet and training regimens.  Taking this information together, Dr. Schell will then look at the entire picture, not just the isolated problem, and create a plan moving forward using various modalities of therapy options.

Our goal is not to just manage the condition, but address the entire patient, searching and addressing all contributing factors, externally and internally.  Dr. Schell will then utilize nutrition, exercise, foot/hoof balance analysis, digestive support, and individualized herbal therapy to assist you in getting results for your horse.

Through Dr. Schell's 23 years of clinical experience and research knowledge, he can help you to better understand your horse's health or lameness condition and apply new solutions for better management.

If you are struggling to manage a health or lameness condition in your horse, give Dr. Schell a call and get on the road to recovery tomorrow!

Second Vet Consultations

On-Site or Haul-In Equine Evaluation:

Dr. Schell offers farm call or on-site evaluations for those horses at a distance or cannot be hauled.  He is also available to have you haul your horse in for evaluations and trims. Dr. Schell is currently licensed in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina with a license pending in South Carolina.  On-site visits can be combined with multiple horse owners or farms to share associated travel costs.

On-site visits are restricted to chronic conditions including health and lameness, especially foot and tendon related problems.  Dr. Schell is capable of ultrasound and digital radiography, in addition to barefoot trimming and horse-shoe transitioning.  Calls are billed based on mileage fee, examination fee and other services rendered during the visit.  Dr. Schell offers calls routinely to various areas each week.  Call or contact him today to see if he will be in your area.

Haul-in evaluations offer full capabilities for chronic health or lameness evaluation in our outdoor or indoor arena, full radiography, ultrasound, and laboratory procedures.  Dr. Schell also offers barefoot trimming and evaluation of the problem foot.

Routine and emergency services are not provided.

If you would like to schedule an on-site visit for your horse, please contact Dr. Schell through our 'contact us' page or by calling 336-566-1121.

Remote Consultations:

Are you in need or desire more specific information or guidance with your horse? You have come to the right place! A private consultation through the SecondVet Equine Consulting allows you the ability to communicate directly with Dr. Schell. Through this consultation, you can provide more detailed information about your horse, including their history, x-rays, blood work, and other relevant laboratory data. Photos, videos, and other vital information may also be shared. This information can help Dr. Schell to help guide you further, opening options for therapies that may not have been considered.

A Second Vet private consultation provides:

  • Email or phone contact (1 hour of contact time)
  • Follow Up contact (45 mins)
  • Detailed review of your horse's current situation
  • Guidance on diet and exercise
  • Guidance on hoof trimming and balance
  • Individualized herbal therapy.

Sign up for your consultation below and once received, Dr. Schell will be in touch regarding your horse.

Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

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The information presented on this site and through consultations is not intended to replace a veterinary diagnosis or proper veterinary attention. Our goal is to supplement current regimens, helping to educate and provide a higher level of understanding regarding health in horses and companion pets, interweaving diet, nutrition and supplementation to achieve a higher level of success.