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Canine Cancer & Services Consultation

Cancer can be a very scary time for many dog owners, leaving much doubt and uncertainty. The incidence of cancer in the canine world is ever increasing over time and unfortunately, therapy options are not much different than they were 20 years ago. Survival rates for various forms of cancer in the dog are not much different and, in many cases, our pets suffer immensely as a result of the various therapies offered.

There is hope!

Chinese and alternative herbal medicine offer tremendous benefits to the average dog impacted by cancer. Dr. Schell, through his years of clinical research and experience, has noted tremendous benefits to dogs of all ages, no matter the form of type of cancer that may be present.

Dr. Schell is available to assist you and your pet through these difficult times, offering hope and new insight into the problems that may be present.

A consultation with Dr. Schell will include:

  • A dedicated hour to you to review your pet’s history, laboratory findings, current and past therapy options.
  • During this time, Dr. Schell will try to gather feedback on your pet based on these physical findings, and through this help you to formulate the proper approach to assist in your pet’s recovery. Therapy options offered include:
  • Patented Chinese herbal therapies
  • Individual herbal extracts
  • Intravenous vitamin C therapy options (veterinary guided)
  • Dietary review and recommendations: Dr. Schell’s goal is to assist your dog not just in overcoming the cancer condition that may be present, but helping them to improve in energy, immune function, and vitality. There is often a pattern that is present which opened the door for the condition to develop. His goal is to uncover this pattern and help the body to re-establish balance.

Begin your consultation today and help your dog to jump start their recovery tomorrow! Consultation fee: $200 / hour. Please note that this consultation fee is for the one-hour consultation time, which can be conducted via email or phone conversation. This fee does not include herbal formulas or other therapies which may be provided with guidance to your veterinarian. Herbal formulas may be provided at an additional charge by Dr. Schell, or they may be acquired in some instances on-line through alternate sources.

Click on the consultation below, and once received, Dr. Schell will be in touch to arrange a time to review your pet's case.

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The information presented on this site and through consultations is not intended to replace a veterinary diagnosis or proper veterinary attention. Our goal is to supplement current regimens, helping to educate and provide a higher level of understanding regarding health in horses and companion pets, interweaving diet, nutrition and supplementation to achieve a higher level of success.