SV EQ Gut Blend III


EQ Gut Blend III specifically targets those horses with obvious digestive weakness, reduced overall energy, fatigue, muscle wasting or loss, poor body condition, diarrhea, and reduced nutrient absorption noted by poor body condition, poor hoof health, and reduced performance.

Custom made formula.  Allow 4-5 days for formula creation and shipping.  Formulas are non-refundable.


EQ Gut Blend III is a unique formula targeting those horses with distinct digestive weakness, referred to as ‘spleen Qi deficiency’.  This is a situation where there is weakness or lethargy, reduced appetite, loose stools, and signs of poor nutrient absorption which are often reflected in poor body condition, poor hoof health, and overall reduced energy.  Many of these horses also have reduced immune function on many levels.

EQ Gut Blend III is a different formula or herbal blend from the other EQ Gut Blends.  EQ Gut Blend III is targeted to enhance digestive energy to properly digest food for optimal nutrient absorption.  This is commonly seen in horses that are physically or mentally exhausted, have digestive weakness including loose stools or diarrhea, reduced appetites, poor body condition and hoof health, and overall poor energy resulting in fatigue or disinterest in work.

EQ Gut Blend III utilizes:

  • Triphala herbal blend (Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, Phyllanthus emblica) to support overall digestion, rebalance the digestive microbiome, impact inflammation in the digestive tract and entire body, and act as a mild laxative.
  • Poria cocos is a traditional mushroom, neutral in energy, used to support overall digestion, microbiome balance, immune health, and reduce dampness or fluid accumulation in the body.
  • Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi) is warming in nature to enhance digestive health, reduce toxin and dampness accumulation, and promote normal intestinal motility.
  • Astragalus membranaceus is a neutral to mildly warming herb utilized to produce and enhance energy in the body (Qi), specifically impacting digestion and the immune response.
  • Ginger root is a warming herb used to help rekindle the digestive fire, enhancing food digestion, warming the body, and impacting inflammation.
  • Bupleurum is a cool herb used to help assist in overall normal energy (Qi) movement in the body.  It is added to the formula in low amounts to assist in moving the newly produced energy and prevent stagnation.

EQ Gut Blend III is ideal for those horses that are run down or exhausted, have reduced overall energy and vigor, may or may not have loose stools, may demonstrate a reduced appetite, and have indications that there is poor overall nutrient absorption which is noted by a reduced body condition, poor coat and hoof health, and reduced energy.



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  1. Can the EQ Gut Blend III be used long-term in the horse?  The EQ Gut Blend III is intended to aid the body in energy production and enhance digestion.  Ideally, the formula is used for a short period of time to resolve the underlying deficiency and then once resolved or improved, the horse can be moved to a general supportive digestive tonic blend such as the EQ Gut Blend I.  Most horses will respond within 30-60 days of usage and can then be transitioned over to the EQ Gut Blend I.
  2. Are there any noted side effects to the EQ Gut Blend III?  There have been no noted side effects with proper usage.  This formula enhances energy production in the body, and thus, it is possible to see signs of being hyper or overly excitable.  This is a sign of too much energy and a sign the formula can be either discontinued or reduced in dosage.  If signs of irritation or crankiness appear in the horse, this may also be a sign that an ‘energy moving’ formula, such as the EQ Tension Relief blend may be suitable, added to the EQ Gut Blend III if needed.
  3. What situations are best suited in the horse for the EQ Gut Blend III?  The EQ Gut Blend III enhances energy production in the horse and digestion.  It is generally suitable for those with reduced energy, fatigue, poor body condition, loose stools and immune related issues.
  4. How often is the EQ Gut Blend III dosed?  This blend is dosed twice daily in most cases for 14 days, then reduced to once daily at label dose.  In most cases, optimal results are noted in 30-60 days, which at that time, the horse can be switched to the EQ Gut Blend I for long-term support.
  5. Can I return the formula?  No, all formulas are custom made based on the order and cannot be returned.
  6. How long does one pouch last?  Each pouch contains approximately 28 servings and will last 28 days given once daily or 14 days when given twice daily.  It is recommended to purchase two (2) pouches initially to last the entire first 30-45 days.
  7. How can I get further advice and suggestions for my horse?  We would recommend setting up a consultation with Dr. Schell so he can fully evaluate your horse either remotely via email or in person.