SV EQ Gut Blend II


EQ Gut Blend II targets digestive health in the horse with more toxin or dampness accumulation.  This formula promotes overall digestive health, but aids further in removing toxins or fluid accumulations in the horse, encouraging normal intestinal motility, food digestion and nutrient absorption, and reducing gas and loose stools.

Custom made formula.  Allow 4-5 days for formula creation and shipping.  Formulas are non-returnable.


The SV EQ Gut Blend II is the identical formula to the EQ Gut Blend II for the horse to encourage and support digestive health, however, there are a few additions and dosage changes.  The EQ Gut Blend II provides the identical benefits to the EQ Gut Blend I, but targets higher levels of dampness, or toxin/fluid accumulation in the horse.  

The EQ Gut Blend II utilizes the ancient ayurvedic digestive herbal blend called Triphala, which is a blend of Terminalia belliricaTerminalia chebula, and Phyllanthus emblica or Indian Gooseberry.  In addition, the EQ Gut Blend I utilizes aged Tangerine Peel (Chen Pi) and Poria cocos extract.  Additionally, the herb Commiphora mukul has been added to the blend for added support. This is a six herb blend to encourage and support digestive health in the horse which is beneficial for all horses on a daily basis for digestive health, those horses with digestive problems including gas, colic, or diarrhea, and can be used in those horses with weakened digestion due to prior illness or medications, and targets higher levels of dampness, digestive weakness, toxin and fluid accumulation.

The Triphala blend is overall neutral in property, helping to modify inflammation, rebalance the digestive microbiome, encourage proper digestion of food, and act as a mild laxative to reduce toxin accumulation or dampness in the horse.

Tangerine Peel when aged acts to enhance digestive health in the horse by reducing toxin or dampness accumulation, encourages proper downward movement of the intestinal motility which can reduce gas accumulation and cramping, and due to its inherent warmth, encourages overall digestive fire to aid in proper fermentation of food and nutrient extraction.

Poria cocos is a traditional mushroom, neutral in energy, which has been used to aid in overall digestive health on many levels.  It can encourage proper digestion, aid in balancing the digestive microbiome, support the digestive fire and nutrient extraction, enhance the immune response, and aid in reducing toxin or dampness (fluid) accumulation in the body due to mild natural diuretic properties.

Commiphora mukul (Guggul) is an Ayurvedic herb which is warm and pungent in nature, used to help dispel toxins and dampness from the body.  It is ideal when combined with the Triphala herbal blend and benefits many toxin associated issues including inflammatory conditions of the digestive tract, skin, and other areas of the body.  Guggul does have ‘moving’ properties, thus can benefit circulation and impact neoplastic or cancerous conditions due to these effects.

The ideal situation for the EQ Gut Blend II is a metabolic horse that is overweight, the horse with loose stools, laminitis situations, and those with long-term gas or colic concerns.  

All ingredients serve as prebiotics in addition to their normal function, which helps to support and maintain the digestive microbiome in the horse.


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  1. Can the EQ Gut Blend II be utilized long-term in a horse?  The EQ Gut Blend II is more enhanced than the EQ Gut Blend I.  It is meant to be used more in the short-term, 1-2 months, to aid in resolving a problem.  Then it is recommended to switch to the EQ Gut Blend I for long-term usage.
  2. Are there any side effects to the EQ Gut Blend II?  We have not noted any problems in the horse with proper utilization of this herbal blend.   Long-term usage or over-usage can result in overall dryness to the body and could lead to overheating.
  3. What situations is the EQ Gut Blend II best for in the horse?  The EQ Gut Blend II is more specific for higher levels of digestive weakness, dampness and toxin accumulation.  These would include colitis horses, laminitis cases, diarrhea, colic with gas, certain forms of cancer, and lymphangitis where fluid has accumulated in the limbs.
  4. How often is the EQ Gut Blend II dosed in the horse?  This formula is generally dosed twice daily per label directions in those horses with digestive problems, dosing for 14 days, then moving to once daily administration.  It is generally used for 1-2 months, then it is recommended to move to the EQ Gut Blend I for long-term digestive support.
  5. Can I return the formula if I am not happy with the results or do not desire to use the formula any longer?  No.  The Secondvet Herbal Formulas are custom made for each client as the order is placed.  The formulas cannot be accepted for return.
  6. How long does one pouch last?  Each pouch has approximately 28 servings.  It will last approximately 28 days when dosed once daily or 14 days when dosed twice daily.  If you are just beginning a course of therapy, it is recommended to purchase two (2) pouches of the formula to last you the entire first month and a half of therapy, considering that the formulas are custom made and not stocked.
  7. How can I get further advice and help for my horse?  We would recommend setting up a consultation with Dr. Schell so he can get a full evaluation done on your horse, which can be done remotely via email or in person.