EQ Back Support


EQ Back Support formula for the horse targets the equine back, injuries and discomfort in that region by focusing on the source of the problem and providing key elements to aid in restoring balance and healing.

Custom made formula.  Allow 4-5 days for creation and shipping.  All formulas are non-returnable.


EQ Back Support formula for the horse targets the equine back, injuries and discomfort in that region by focusing on the source of the problem and providing key elements to aid in restoring balance and healing.

Most sore backs in the horse are associated with a weakened or compromised kidney channel in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  The kidneys are key sources in health for energy, Yin and Yang.  Kidney are easily strained during times of stress, over work, and over training.  An inappropriate diet can also compromise the kidney meridian and lead to strain on the system.  The kidney are believed to ‘govern’ or control the lower back and when they are out of balance or weakened, then the back in the horse is also weak, leading to an increased risk of injury, discomfort, and other conditions.

To truly benefit a sore back in the horse, one needs to support the kidney channel.  When the kidney channel is supported, then over time, the back can regain strength and discomfort is reduced.  The pain response, as a result of a weakened kidney, is usually a result of secondary energy and blood stagnation, which also needs to be addressed.

EQ Back Support Formula includes:

  • Turmeric to support a healthy inflammatory response, ease discomfort, and improve overall blood circulation.
  • Angelica sinensis is a mildly warming herb that is used to enhance the production of ‘blood’ in TCM through nutrient provision and also support blood circulation.
  • Cordyceps sinensis is a kidney Yang tonic, helping to warm and revitalize the kidney channel in addition to increase overall energy production.
  • Rehmannia glutinosa is a cherished herb in TCM to benefit the kidney Yin component, by moisturizing and cooling the body, while directly impacting kidney health.
  • Salvia multiorrhiza is a cooling herb with very similar properties to Angelica sinensis with the main function of combating inflammation and promoting healthy blood circulation.

All components benefit the inflammatory response, aid in blood circulation, and directly impact the kidney channel and weakness, which is the root cause of back soreness in the horse. 


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  1. Can the EQ Back Support be utilized long-term in a horse? The EQ Back Support formula is not intended for long-term use in the horse.  In most cases, the formula is used for 30-100 days to aid in restoring balance to the body.  After this time, and hopefully the back is stronger, it is generally recommended to switch the horse to a general support formula.
  2. Are there any side effects to the EQ Back Support? We have not noted any problems in the horse with proper utilization of this herbal blend. Long-term usage or over-usage can result in overall imbalance in the horse.
  3. What situations is the EQ Back Support best for in the horse? The EQ Back Support formula can be used in a variety of back conditions in the horse from general sore or cold backs to ‘kissing spine’ type of conditions.  It can also be used in back soreness cases where loss of topline has occurred.
  4. How often is the EQ Back Support dosed in the horse? This formula is generally dosed twice daily per label directions in those horses with digestive problems, dosing for 14 days, then moving to once daily administration. It is generally used for 1-2 months, then it is recommended to move to the EQ Gut Blend I for long-term digestive support.
  5. Can I return the formula if I am not happy with the results or do not desire to use the formula any longer? No. The Secondvet Herbal Formulas are custom made for each client as the order is placed. The formulas cannot be accepted for return.
  6. How long does one pouch last? Each pouch has approximately 28 servings. It will last approximately 28 days when dosed once daily or 14 days when dosed twice daily. If you are just beginning a course of therapy, it is recommended to purchase two (2) pouches of the formula to last you the entire first month and a half of therapy, considering that the formulas are custom made and not stocked.
  7. How can I get further advice and help for my horse? We would recommend setting up a consultation with Dr. Schell so he can get a full evaluation done on your horse, which can be done remotely via email or in person.