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Second Vet Events

Upcoming events involving the horse. If you have any events you believe are important to our members, please use our contact form to advise us to review your information.  We appreciate all contributions here.

Barefoot Trim and Equine Foot Lameness Clinic

March 2, 2019

Jonesville, NC

Dr. Schell will review hoof anatomy and evaluation of the foot for pain, health and balance in the normal and lame horse.  The focus will be on proper trimming and barefoot applications to yield long-term results. Live horses will be available to demonstrate anatomy, lameness evaluation, barefoot trim applications, and radiographs if indicated.

$200 per person for the all day event.  Lunch will be catered.  Limited spacing for 20 people, 5 slots open for horses to be hauled-in for participation in the clinic including full evaluation, trimming and radiographs if indicated at no additional cost.  Space is limited and reservations for clinic participation are required.  To reserve you spot, please contact Dr. Schell via our contact form.

The information presented on this site and through consultations is not intended to replace a veterinary diagnosis or proper veterinary attention. Our goal is to supplement current regimens, helping to educate and provide a higher level of understanding regarding health in horses and companion pets, interweaving diet, nutrition and supplementation to achieve a higher level of success.