Introduction to Herbs and Whole Foods in the Horse

  • Alternative Medicine Theories
  • Herbal Energies
  • Whole Food Choices
  • Managing Disease with Herbs and Foods based on Health Patterns
  • Herbal Formulary
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The Metabolic Horse; Repairing the Mechanism

  • In-depth discussion on metabolic syndrome in the horse
  • Causes and Effects
  • Management Options with Herbs, Diet, and Exercise
  • Managing Secondary Laminitis

The Essentials of Horse Health & Soundness

  • Housing & Stress
  • Vaccinations and Deworming
  • Vital Sign Determination
  • Lameness & Neurological Exam
  • Colic
  • Laceration Management
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Equine Hoof Anatomy, Trimming, and Pathology for the Horse Owner

  • Basic Hoof Anatomy
  • Motion/Gait
  • Hoof Mapping/Trimming Concepts
  • Hoof Pathology

Vitamin C in the Dog and Cat; Cancer, Disease, and Health

  • In-depth discussion on vitamin C and routes of therapy
  • How Vitamin C Works
  • Benefits of Vitamin C and IV Therapy
  • Dose Discussion and Methods of Administration