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Contact an veterinarian experience and focused on horses, dogs and cats. He can help you find answers and confirm the prognosis from others.  Just a few of the outcomes from a consultation with Dr. Schell, based on years of his veterinary practice and clinical studies.

  • Review X-rays, local vet reports and other documents related to your horse or small companion's condition.
  • Build a custom supplement plan for your horse or small companion.
  • Get expert advice on equine nutrition.

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Don’t hestiate to ask us. Email us directly using the contact form below or call us at 336-566-1121.

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The information presented on this site and through consultations is not intended to replace a veterinary diagnosis or proper veterinary attention. Our goal is to supplement current regimens, helping to educate and provide a higher level of understanding regarding health in horses and companion pets, interweaving diet, nutrition and supplementation to achieve a higher level of success.

SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal is an online interactive, knowledge and education sharing website. SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal and their advisors do not make or provide any diagnosis, nor do they prescribe any therapy with the intention of curing, preventing, or mitigating any disease pathway. The information shared within this interactive forum is purely for educational uses only, based on clinical experience from the experts herein. This information is for personal knowledge only and application of such knowledge and information is up to the individual. SecondVet Integrative Animal Portal, Nouvelle Research, or any of the participating experts are not responsible for application of the information by the owner, nor responsible for any specific outcome.