User’s Guide to Herbal Blends

The Secondvet Herbal formulas were created based on blends that Dr. Schell personally uses in patients during consultations. These formulas are moderately different than the typical Cur-OST blends which he has assisted in creation. The Secondvet Herbal blends are targeting specific conditions from gut health problems, back and tendon conditions, and even overall tension in the horse’s body.

The true cause of health and lameness conditions in the horse are an imbalance in the body of that horse. This imbalance then leads to many health conditions and lameness situations. It is a matter of progression over time, and what originally started as a mild imbalance within the body, can easily become a complex spider web of issues. When I speak of an imbalance, I am not necessarily referring to a nutrient imbalance, which is commonly believed. A nutrient imbalance can occur, but this is often secondary to the primary imbalance, such as poor digestive health leading to malabsorption of nutrients. A true mineral or vitamin deficiency is rarely the cause of any health condition in the horse, but more so usually points back to a improper diet and/or digestive weakness on some end.

The five areas of concern in the horse, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which can become imbalanced include:

* Qi
* Blood
* Yin
* Yang
* Essence (Jing)

There can be many off shoots of these five areas, either being excess conditions or deficiencies. These five areas are the main targets for the specialized Secondvet Herbal formulas for the horse. The formulas specifically impact these five vital substances. All health and lameness conditions in the horse are a result of some imbalance within these five vital substances, so logic tells us that if we desire to restore balance, then we attempt to correct the deficiency or excess, but it is not always that easy. As time goes by, imbalances will become complicated and organ systems will start to impact one another.

As an example, in TCM, the heart houses the shen or spirit. When out of balance, anxiety often develops initially. As time goes by, that ‘heart’ condition will then impact the ‘spleen’ or digestive tract, placing too much burden upon it, which then leads to gastric ulcer conditions as an example. The same can happen with ‘liver’ oriented conditions, such as irritability, which then override and impact the digestive system. The point here is that one organ system over time will then impact another and the cycle continues. Depending upon where you catch the problem, dictates how easily the condition can be restored to balance.

Some conditions can be restored to complete balance with complete resolution to the problem, while others can only be assisted or improved, while still others cannot be helped.

The Secondvet herbal formulas are generally safe when used properly and chosen wisely. It is recommended to start the herbal formulas at half the label dosage to your horse for the first 2-3 doses to assess for overall impact and any negative reactions. After this time, you can increase to full label dose and monitor.

Not all formulas can be given for the long-term as they are not intended for this purpose. Their goal, in most instances, is to restore balance or assist in that direction. Once balance is obtained, they are discontinued in most instances. These facts are noted under the ‘common questions’ for each herbal blend.

Do not be afraid or leery of using these blends. More so, in truth, they are the closest thing to a real potential solution for your horse’s health and lameness. They do require a little guidance and more observation on your end as an owner, but generally are very safe when used properly.

Keep in mind that lifestyle, diet, training, and stress all play a major role in your horse’s state of imbalance, as does also how the feet are trimmed and maintained. The more you control these factors and improve them, the more easily it will be to create a state of balance in your horse. If your horse is under continuous strain or stress, or is on the improper diet for their type, then the formulas may need to be continued for longer periods of time.

Each product is well explained in the description area and also notations are in the ‘common questions’. These are custom made herbal blends and are create ‘on demand’. They are not stocked in our facility and due to this, they are non-refundable or returnable.

Each herbal blend will contain approximately 28 doses. If you are dosing twice daily at full dose, then the pouches will last 14 days. In most instances, it is wise to order two (2) pouches to at least provide enough for the first 30-45 days. Responses to the herbal blends are generally noted within 10-14 days with improvement noted. If there are any side effects noted, such as reduced appetite or loose stools, please discontinue for a few days and then retry at half the dosage. If the problem recurs, it is recommended to discontinue the herbal blend. The side effects, if noted, are not a sign that there is something wrong with the herbal blend, but more so, it is a sign that the blend is not correct for your horse, or there is another issue that needs to be addressed.

If you desire further guidance for your horse, I would recommend setting up a full consultation which can be done remotely via email or phone, to fully evaluate your horse’s situation.

Thank you!