Equine and Small Companion Articles

Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) and the Metabolic Horse

By Dr. Schell | Sep 26, 2020

Metabolic syndrome in the horse is an ongoing problem for many owners and a focus for many researchers over the years.  Despite most best efforts, metabolic related issues from foot soreness to insulin dysfunction tend to wax and wane, with most horses being chronically affected.  Jiaogulan or Gynostemma pentaphyllum has gained some attention in recent…

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Qi, Energy, Herbs, Health and Lameness in the Horse; Part Two

By Dr. Schell | Jul 25, 2019

This is part two of a several part article series on the use of traditional Chinese medicine and theories to help in resolving health and lameness events in the horse.  In part one, I discussed the very basics of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the concept of Qi or energy, which is a vital substance…

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Qi, Energy, Herbs, Lameness and Health in the Horse; Part One

By Dr. Schell | Jul 24, 2019

Qi or Energy is just one of a few vital substances needed for ultimate health and soundness in the horse, or really any living body, including you and me.  Every health ailment and lameness condition in the horse roots back to one of 5 vital substances, from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective. A failure to…

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Ketones and the Metabolic Horse; A Rebuttal for Better Understanding

By Dr. Schell | Jul 17, 2019

Ketones and the metabolic horse.  A topic that appears to have become popular with many, creating some contradictions in their own current understanding, and stirring up some debates in other areas. I am writing this article today in response to a press release put out by a well known equine insulin resistance group, finding problems…

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The Horse, the Horse Owner, the Veterinarian, and the Firetruck

By Dr. Schell | May 6, 2019

The horse, the veterinarian, and the firetruck.  Three totally different beings, but yet linked together in many cases in various ways.  I listened this morning to the sounds of sirens screaming down the interstate behind our house and it reminded me of veterinary practice.  More times than not, despite the best intentions by the horse…

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Hoof Health and Soundness in the Horse: Personal Observations

By Dr. Schell | Mar 2, 2019

“No Foot, No Horse”.  This is a common saying throughout the years that has stood the test of time and has remained truthful in many regards.  The fact is that the horse is highly dependent upon their feet and thus, the external hoof capsule, for overall soundness and quality of life.  The concept of hoof…

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Equine Arthritis and Bone Deterioration; Is It Reversible?

By Dr. Schell | Jan 27, 2019

Equine arthritis and bone degenerative changes are all too common in the horse industry.  These changes can impact any joint, but commonly found in the fetlock, carpus or knee, hock or tarsus, stifle, hip and back region.  The navicular bone and coffin bone are also commonly impacted and associated with navicular disease and pedal osteitis. …

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How Important is Gut Health in My Horse?

By Dr. Schell | Jan 27, 2019

Wow!  That is a very important question!  How important is your horse’s gut health?  What do you believe as a horse owner?  For some owners and horses, the connection is real, such as in the case of ulcers, recurrent colic, or irritable bowel type of conditions, but for others, it may not be so obvious. …

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Managing Inflammation in the Horse; When to Cut Back

By Dr. Schell | Jan 23, 2019

You want your horse sound and healthy, right?  Not an easy request in many cases due to ongoing inflammation in the horse, which is very complex and multi-faceted.  This process can impact their joints, back, neck, feet, behavior, and digestive tract.  It can reach even further over time, when unregulated, and impact the proper function…

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Vitamin C; The Answer to Cancer in Dogs?

By Dr. Schell | Dec 23, 2018

Vitamin C is a well known nutrient, being found in many fruits, vegetables and from synthetic sources. This nutrient is a potent antioxidant and vital for many cellular functions, including tissue repair and immune health.  Many dog owners likely don’t give vitamin C a second thought, regarding their dog’s health, cancer, or even recovery from…

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