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Equine Arthritis and Bone Deterioration; Is It Reversible?

Equine arthritis and bone degenerative changes are all too common in the horse industry.  These changes can impact any joint, but commonly found in the fetlock, carpus or knee, hock or tarsus, stifle, hip and back region.  The navicular bone and coffin bone are also commonly impacted and associated with navicular disease and pedal osteitis. …

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How Important is Gut Health in My Horse?

Wow!  That is a very important question!  How important is your horse’s gut health?  What do you believe as a horse owner?  For some owners and horses, the connection is real, such as in the case of ulcers, recurrent colic, or irritable bowel type of conditions, but for others, it may not be so obvious. …

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Managing Inflammation in the Horse; When to Cut Back

You want your horse sound and healthy, right?  Not an easy request in many cases due to ongoing inflammation in the horse, which is very complex and multi-faceted.  This process can impact their joints, back, neck, feet, behavior, and digestive tract.  It can reach even further over time, when unregulated, and impact the proper function…

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