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The Equine Gut Microbiome; A Tale of 4 Horses

The equine gastrointestinal microbiome is a fascinating entity that is present within the digestive tract. The balance of the hundreds of bacterial microorganisms within the horse’s digestive tract can either dictate health or disease, contributing on many levels outside of pure digestion.  In past research, we have demonstrated how an overgrowth of lactic acid bacteria…

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A Thoroughbred, The Microbiome, and Sore Feet

Thoroughbreds have always been one of my favorite breeds, as an owner and veterinarian.  They are unique to themselves, just as any other breed is unique, with each having positive and negative aspects. In the Thoroughbred, especially the off-track horse, one major problem that is noted is sore feet, which can originate from many causes. …

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